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You are here: Home >> Grappa Affinata Amarone
Grappa Affinata Amarone

Grappa Affinata Amarone
Grappa Affinata Amarone

Grappa Affinata Amarone from the top Italian manufacturer

A gift in an exclusive layout and presentation. The basis for this outstanding and multi-award-winning Grappa from the Marzadro family in sunny Venice is formed by the Amarone grapes. They are raisined over a long time, so they can transfer their full flavour to the wine and the distillate. Then, to increase its flavour and intensity of colour, the grappa matures for 36 months in small barrels made from oak. This creates a great speciality of excellent quality – with a rich and intense flavour. It is velvety, well rounded and long lasting on the palate.

The colour-coordinated wooden case with 2 Grappa glasses and the individual personalisation on the gift box are the highlights of this exceptional and unique gift. A beautiful idea for birthdays, for Christmas…

Marzadro Le Giare Amarone Grappa Affinata
Colour: dark amber
Aroma: aromatic, soft fruity vanilla undertones
Flavour: mellow, velvety and silky with excellent release
Alcohol: 41% vol. – 0.7 litres
in wooden box with a 3 page expertise enclosed
Dimensions: 31 x 19 x 10.5 cm

Every gift case will be personalised according to your wishes

Weight:2.050 kg
Delivery time: 8 working days1
In stock
95.00 EUR*
base price: 135.71 EUR* / l   

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