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The golden Rose

The golden Rose
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The golden Rose

A real, fresh Rose coated in Gold

Roses and Gold - Symbols for love and immortality. An exceptionally luxurious present guaranteed to melt the heart of any lovely lady.

Fresh cut Rose - with a finely crafted pure gold finish. The Roses are cut at their youngest and most beautiful stage of full bloom, freed from unnecessary thorns and foliage then immediately coated with pure gold.

Everlasting and expensive - a beautifully collectors item.

Golden Rose Details: A real rose, coated with Gold, 15 cm (6 inches) or 36 cm (14 inches) long, hand packed in a red, velvet lined gift box and adorned with a red bow.

Our special service: With the latest Laser-Technology we can engrave the name or message that you wish to add a sweet and charming personal touch.

Delivery time: 8 working days1
from 49.80 EUR*   
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Open overview
Thinly golden-plated Ginkgo Pendant
38.50 EUR*
  Duo heart keyring  
24.50 EUR*
  5 DM silver coins  
28.00 EUR*
  Gold Sparkling Fancy  
39.00 EUR*
52 EUR* / l
  2 GB USB Heart  
23.80 EUR*
  Footballer statue  
18.50 EUR*
  24 Carat Gold Bullion  
from 166.00 EUR*
  Love Heart  
24.90 EUR*
  Silver coins  
68.00 EUR*
  Victor Statue for the Champions  
25.00 EUR*
  5-CHF Coin 1931-2000  
from 24.50 EUR*
  5-FRF coin 1960-1975  
from 24.50 EUR*
  Thinly silver-plated Orchid  
82.00 EUR*
  5 D-Mark gold plated coin 1951-1992  
28.00 EUR*
  4 GB USB flash drive Gold bar  
26.80 EUR*
  Engraved necklace  
24.80 EUR*
  Heart Bottle  
23.00 EUR*
30.67 EUR* / l
  Thinly golden-plated Horseshoe  
56.00 EUR*
  ID bracelet  
32.00 EUR*
  Red heart pendant with Swarovski crystals  
29.00 EUR*
  Original Steiff Teddy in Heart box  
39.80 EUR*
  Love lock  
18.50 EUR*
  Gold bar lighter  
17.50 EUR*
  Key ring Duo  
19.80 EUR*
  Austrian Schilling Silver coin 1955-1979  
28.00 EUR*
  FIFA world champion trophy  
18.85 EUR*
  Heart umbrella  
44.80 EUR*
  Design vase in heart form  
17.90 EUR*
  Cherry Hearts  
29.50 EUR*
73.75 EUR* / l
  Heart board with desired engraving  
34.50 EUR*
  Golden heart-shaped love lock  
29.90 EUR*
  1 Austrian Schilling gold-plated coin 1946-1998  
16.80 EUR*
  1 CHF gold plated coin 1939-2012  
19.50 EUR*
  German gold plated coin 1933-2001  
19.50 EUR*
  1 French Franc gold plated coin 1941-1978  
19.50 EUR*
  Quarter US Dollar gold-plated coin 1950-1998  
19.50 EUR*
  Gold Coin Vreneli  
290.00 EUR*
  Gold Coin Krugerrand  
from 180.00 EUR*
  Original 50 Pfennig Coin for 50th birthday  
19.50 EUR*
  Thinly golden-plated Ginkgo Pendant  
38.50 EUR*

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* including VAT and excluding shipment costs
1Valid for delivery to U.S. with standard shipping. You will find delivery times for other countries and information about delivery times here

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