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You are here: Home >> Famous Gin Present Collection
Famous Gin Present Collection

Famous Gin Present Collection
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49.00 EUR*   
Famous Gin Present Collection

Content 0.3 l
Alcoholic strength: 43.3 % vol.

A fantastic selection of the best gins in a personalized treasure chest

Everybody is talking about gin at the moment. Gin is the absolute trend beverage, a must in any home bar. Here's the perfect gift for gin fans and want-to-be gin fans: The HISTORIA gin collection A compilation of six outstanding gins in a tasting-size format, presented in a beautiful treasure chest. We also engrave a personalised dedication, making your gift of gin even more special.

What makes gin so interesting? The incredibly intense and very distinctive taste palette. No other spirit offers a such a concentrated load of spice-based flavours. The most important one for gin: Juniper But also,

  • Coriander,
  • Ginger,
  • Nutmeg,
  • Orange peel or
  • Pomegranate seeds
    can lend a gin its character and flavour. Of course, the exact composition of the ingredients is strictly guarded by each gin distillery. With so much flavour, it's no wonder that gin is gaining more and more fans! With the Famous Gin Collection, you are giving six different gins to taste, compare and enjoy. And each bottle is excellent! Individually personalized, the gift becomes a true treasure for gin lovers. Have fun giving and tasting!

    Our Famous Gin Collection includes the following celebrated gins

    Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin
    This world-famous gin, with 40% alcohol content, comes from London. Bombay Sapphire is a true cult drink, unmistakable in its mystical light-blue, shimmering bottle. This fin gin is distilled from Toscan juniper berries and its known for its dry, herbal flavour. The ten ingredients are heated, and their vapour provides the characteristic aroma that is loved in bars all over the world.

    Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
    Since Monkey 47 has hit the market, we know one thing, for sure: the Black Forest is cool and trendy – and can do more than just cherry brandy. As the name implies, the Monkey 47 has 47 ingredients, as well as 47% alcohol! Developed by "Black Forest Distillers" in 2008, Monkey 47 Dry Gin has quickly gone from an insider's tip to an absolute star on the gin scene. This gin from the Black Forest is treasured all over the world, and cleaned up at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2011, winning gold in the "Gin Worldwide" category. It won another gold at the World Spirits Award . We definitely had to include it in our collection.

    Lebensstern Pink Dry Gin
    This gin is the tasteful result of a German-Austrian collaboration" The famous "Lebensstern" bar in Berlin and the Freihof distillery have created an exceptionally fresh gin with 43% alcohol. Coriander, juniper and lemon combine in a classy gin with an exhilarating floral taste. More please!

    Filliers Classic Dry Gin 28
    What is most surprising about this gin, with its legendary 46% alcohol content, is its Belgian origins. Filliers has been making fine gin since the end of the 18th century. They started making this particular variety in 1928, however, as the name suggests. It is bursting with aromatic ingredients and offers a highly interesting palette of flavours: juniper, coriander and citrus set the tone, and are accompanied wonderfully by flavour nuances like lemon tart or orange marmalade, exotic spices and a pleasant sweetness. This Belgian gin is truly well-rounded.

    Bulldog London Dry Gin
    The Bulldog might sound dangerous, but this gin and its 40% alcohol content only wants to play, offering an especially mild taste. 12 ingredients from eight countries, the whole thing quadruple distilled – since its introduction in New York in 2007, wins not only with numbers, but its great gin flavour. Cheers!

    Hendrick´s Gin
    Another world-renown gin with 44% alcohol content makes the Famous Gin Collection complete: the outstanding Hendrick's from Scotland. Juniper, coriander, rose petals and - surpsingly - cucumber make this classic a highly popular Gin. Hendrick's is a perfect blend of two very different spirits that are further refined after blending. The many prizes that Hendrick's Gin has piled up prove that this gin is great: since 2005, Hendrick's has won double gold twice and silver three times at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

    6 different gin bottles, 0.05 L each, in a elegant treasure chest. Dimensions of the chest: 18 x 12 x 12 cm
    - Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin. Producer: The Bombay Spirits Company Ltd, 302 Regent Street, GB-W1R 6HH London
    - Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin. Producer: Black Forest Distillers, Oberwiesachstraße 3, D-72290 Loßburg
    - Lebensstern Dry Gin. Sales: Haromex, Weihersfeld 45, D-41379 Brueggen
    - Filliers Classic Dry Gin 28. Producer: Filliers Distillery, Leernsesteenweg 3, B-9800 Deinze
    - Bulldog London Dry Gin. Import: Campari, The Shard, Level 27, 32 London Bridge Street, GB-SE1 9SG London
    - Hendrick´s Gin. Producer: William Grant & Sons Ltd, Strathclyde Business Park, Phoenix Cres, GB-ML4 3AN Bellshill

  • Weight:1.490 kg
    Delivery time: 8 working days1
    In stock
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