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You are here: Home >> Tutankhamun - King in gold
Tutankhamun - King in gold

Tutankhamun - King in gold

Tutankhamun - King in gold


A king in gold

The legendary gold mask of Tutankhamun

The fascinating golden face of the young Egyptian Pharaoh amazes the whole world. Tutankhamun is the most well-known of all the Pharaos because of the magnificent funerary offerings made from pure gold that were found in his nearly intact tomb. Above all however the world-famous gold mask of the ruler, who was only 19 years old.

The discovery in 1922 of the golden death mask in the undisturbed grave of Tutankhamun provoked endless debates about the death of the ruler. Likewise various exhibitions dedicate themselves to this topic of pharaonic history.

You too can show this world-famous piece of art in your home in the form of a high-quality detailed replica. Experience the unbelievable fascination, the mysterious vision and the aura in gold.

The original is in the Egyptian museum, in Cairo, treasure of Tutankhamun from around 1335 B.C., a facial mask made from pure gold.

The Ara art replica is cast and painted by hand and finely gold-plated. The gold mask sits on a marble base, overall height incl. base approx. 27 cm.

The special service: Using the latest laser technology we engrave the desired name for you on the marble base.

Delivery time: 8 working days1
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24.80 GBP*

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