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Calvados Collection

Calvados is a drink to discover or rediscover! Here is an original tasting box consisting of five miniature bottles of calvados in a beautiful wooden box. The ideal solution for developing calvados over the years would be to keep it in oak barrels for a period of greater or lesser duration. A beautiful gift that can be customised with the message of your choice engraved on the wooden box.

  • Producer: Vergers de Romilly, Le Verger, F-14230 St-Germain-du-Pert
  • Alcohol content: 42 % vol.
  • Content: 0.25 l
  • Region: Normandy
  • Spirit

35 /35

35 /35

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€44.00 *
(€176.00 * / 1 l)

Calvados Collection

€44.00 *
(€176.00 * / 1 l)

Calvados, made from selected apples

Apple and only apple. Apple is actually the basic element of calvados, a further symbol of Normandy with cider and camembert cheese with Mont St. Michel.

To be made into calvados, the apple is distilled and the resulting brandy stored in barrels in order to adopt its special taste. All apples, which are used in the production of this calvados, come from the Orchards of Romilly, only a few kilometres from Bayeux and away from the landing beaches. With its 19 hectares, this orchard is a real conservation area for exclusively local apple varieties from Normandy. The ideal varieties are carefully selected for calvados and then put together for distillation.

A unique tasting of calvados of different ages

Not to be found in the shops, this calvados collection is a must-have for lovers of calvados or simply for the curious, who want to discover this Normandy specialty. Specially made by HISTORIA, the box contains five bottles, allowing you to see the development of calvados over the years. It allows for what the specialist calls a “vertical sample”: from 0 to 12 years, you will try the same product several times in order to capture the diversity and similarity over the years.

  • The name calvados can only be given after two years in oak barrels. Therefore you should start the tasting with the “eau-de-vie blanche”, the “whites”, which comes purely from the distilling machinery.
  • The two-year old bottle of classic calvados is classed as “fine”. You can already capture the maturing in the oak barrels.
  • The four-year old bottle is given the name “Old Reserve”. Connoisseurs especially appreciate this balance between the liveliness of a young calvados and the rounding of an ageing calvados. The colour is amber, exactly perfect.
  • The eight-year old calvados has matured. This calvados, which is called X.O., falls into the category of bottles, which are reserved for true connoisseurs and for going out on special occasions. Its full-bodiness (full flavour) and finesse are more discernible.
  • The oak barrel has heavily left traces on the 12-year old calvados and given it a dark colour. This calvados is a true rarity and is often also a discovery for connoisseurs. In any case, this bottle is the highlight of the tasting.

An elegant and customisable wooden box

Every bottle has a waxed cork in order to ensure long storage and transportation in the best possible conditions. The wooden box has a short description for the tasting. The set offers a nice box to look at and invites you to state-of-the-art refinement tasting.

You should drink calvados without ice cubes and ideally in a tulip glass at room temperature in order to fully appreciate all its flavours and nuances of taste.

This calvados collection is really exclusive. It is the result of a collaboration between the Orchards of Romilly and HISTORIA.NET. You are offering a truly unique gift, especially if you add the customisation of your choice to the box. The text or personalised message is laser-engraved on the wooden box and gives your gift an even more personal touch. The success of your gift is guaranteed both by the quality of its content and also by its visual aspect.

Details: Wooden box with five miniature 5 cl. bottles: Apple brandy (cork with white wax), two-year calvados (cork with blue wax), four-year calvados (corks with red wax), eight-year calvados (corks with yellow wax) and 12-year calvados (cork with green wax). 42% vol. spirit. Box comes with an engraved illustration on the cover and a description.

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