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German gold plated coin 1933-2001

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German gold plated coin 1933-2001

From €22.00 *

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  • Give the gift of pure nostalgia! The original German coin, gold-plated
  • An authentic piece from the year of birth
  • Available for years 1933-2001 – precisely from the birth year!
  • Elegantly presented in a floating frame
  • Personalization available upon request
  • A unique and personalized gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions

Genuine original German gold-plated coins 1933-2001

A historical gem from German history, this gold-plated original German coin serves as an extraordinary keepsake, having witnessed the same historical events as its owner.

  • The original German Reichsmark coins from the years 1933-1939 make outstanding gifts. These coins are among the most iconic forms of currency in German history, and the 1-Reichsmark coin, in particular, is a unique memento closely reflecting the history of the German Reich until the currency reform of 1948.
  • For the birth year 1949, we offer the gilded original 50 Pfennig coin, a rarity as these coins were minted by the "Bank Deutscher Länder."
  • The gilded original 1 DM coin is available for birth years 1950 and 1954-2001, representing one of the most renowned German coins of the post-war era. This 1-DM piece holds special significance, having been part of every wallet from 1950 until the introduction of the Euro in 2001.

A surprise gift that garners high appreciation! Ideal for individual occasions such as birthdays, weddings, communions, confirmations, or simply as an attractive investment with significant sentimental value.

Timelessly elegant, the authentic vintage coin is displayed in a matte black case, creating the illusion that the coin hovers weightlessly within the frame. A visually captivating addition to any desk.

The 2009 Gift Award-winning presentation case features a silicone membrane and magnetic closure, allowing the precious gold-plated coin to be viewed from both sides and easily removed from the frame.


Authentic vintage German coin, gold-plated, encased in a matte black silicone membrane frame with a magnetic opening.
Personalization available upon request.

Add a personal touch:
Elevate your gift's personal and individual appeal with our personalization service! Using the latest laser technology, we can engrave your personal dedication or desired name onto the gift case.

Available Options:

  • German Reichsmark for the years 1933-1939
  • 50 Pfennig for the year 1949
  • 1 DM for the years 1950, 1954-2001

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