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Vintage Armagnac

Vintage Armagnac

Armagnac is the classic noble brandy. Many people say it is a near relative of cognac, which doesn't always do it justice. The first time cognac was mentioned was in the 17th century, though the history of Armagnac goes back to the year 1461. The Armagnac ("millésimés") is a special rare brandy. While Armagnac consists of distillates from multiple years, all basic wines from our vintage Armagnac come from one year. Through the many years of the ripening period in oak barrels, a vintage Armagnac becomes an amazing pleasure and a special extraordinary gift .

From grape harvest to Armagnac

The Region Armagnac is in Gascony in the Southwest of France. The grape harvest is from the mid until the end of October. After the fermentation of the young wine the distillation begins. Cognac distillates two times in a closed bubble, while Armagnac distillates only once. A part of the alcohol evaporates while the storage in the barrels. The wooden barrel lets oxygen und different tanning agents into the noble beverage, which gives it it's noble character.


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