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Quarter US Dollar gold-plated coin 1950-1998

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Quarter US Dollar gold-plated coin 1950-1998

From €21.00 *

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  • Unique gift rarity with high appreciation potential
  • Authentic and personal: the original from the 1950-1998 birth years
  • Give a piece of America as a gift: The gold-plated quarter dollar - essential in everyday American life
  • Presented in an award-winning floating frame to create stylish ambiance.
  • Personalizable for a unique touch
  • An original gift for numerous occasions

The original coin icon of the USA covered with gold for each year 1950-1998 - Give a piece of America as a gift!

The US 25 cent coins, so-called "quarter dollars", are not just coins, but symbols of a rich history and a nation. Since their first minting in 1796, the majestic bald eagle has adorned the reverse of these coins, and they have evolved over time to reflect the spirit of America.

A touch of history and change

Until 1932, "Lady Liberty" graced the obverse of the quarter dollar coins. Then, to mark the 200th birthday of the first president and "Father of the Nation", George Washington, his likeness was added to the obverse. This change marked not only a milestone in coinage history, but also in America's identity. The quarter dollar coins began as silver coins and were made of this precious metal until 1965. Then, for economic reasons, they switched to a copper-nickel coinage. So these coins not only tell a story of change, but also of America's adaptability.

Give a Piece of Everyday American Life!

The quarter dollar plays a crucial role in the lives of Americans. It is what they need for vending machines, washing machines, and parking meters - a small piece of everyday life that is often overlooked but invaluable.

An Exclusive Gift from the Vintage of Your Choice

At HISTORIA, we offer you the opportunity to present a truly special piece of America as a gift. Our gold-plated original quarter dollars from the years 1950-1998 aren't just monetary gifts; they're treasures adorned with a touch of golden luster. They pay homage to the past while gifting a piece of the future.

A Presentation of the Highest Quality

These gold-plated vintage coins are elegantly showcased in an award-winning case, giving them an aura of floating elegance. Imagine this precious gift illuminating any room with its shimmering golden luster. It's more than just a coin; it's a masterpiece to be admired.

Personalize for a Unique Touch

Enhance this gift's personal significance with our engraving service. Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, we will personalize the floating frame with a dedication or name. Seize this exceptional opportunity to express your sentiments and create a one-of-a-kind gift.

Gift Emotion and History with a Gold-Plated Quarter Dollar from the Recipient's Birth Year.

This special US Quarter Dollar coin, gold-plated from 1950-1998, is available for select vintages. Choose your desired vintage.


US Quarter Dollar coin, gold-plated, available for birth years 1950-1998, customizable upon request.


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