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Wooden sword and shield with engraving

Dressing up as a knight provides great fun for children. Whether when playing, at a carnival or at a birthday-themed party: with a knight’s sword and the matching shield children will, in no time, turn into brave knights. Give the gift of a real childhood dream with our set of wooden sword and shield! As we provide the beautiful wooden parts with name engraving, it is perfectly clear to whom the young knight’s sword and shield belongs. Whether for Knight Noah or Knight Emma, whether at Christmas, Easter, for a birthday or first day at school: with this beautiful set of wooden sword and shield with engraving as an original and individual gift, you will become the children’s hero!

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    €39.90 *

    Wooden sword and shield with engraving

    €39.90 *

    High-quality toy that stimulates the imagination

    A sword and shield are the two main elements of the perfect knight’s equipment and the absolute must-haves of every aspiring knight. Made of wood, strong and well-manufactured, the wooden sword and shield with engraving are ideal for role-playing games, which are so important for children’s development. The sword and shield are high-quality manufactured and free of paints, colours or other hazardous substances. Nothing stands in the way of carefree playing!

    The typical medieval shield is easy to hold thanks to the strap holder on the back. The most popular heraldic animal, the lion, adorns the front of the shield. The wooden sword is designed as child-friendly with its size and thanks to its blunt end.

    And best of all: both on the banderole of the coat of arms and on the wooden sword, we immortalise the name of the child to whom you would like to give the gift. A personalised gift that makes every knightly child’s heart beat faster.

    • Splendidly manufactured for safe playing enjoyment: smooth edges, blunt tip, free of chemicals
    • Being made of sturdy wood guarantees playing enjoyment for a long time
    • With individual engraving on the sword and shield

    Knight of the Middle Ages - a fantastic universe

    Many children’s dream and a must-have accessory for small and big knights alike. The wooden sword and shield are guaranteed to go down well as a gift and will inspire the knight receiving the gift to immediately engage in animated play. Knights belong like dinosaurs, pirates and princesses as the perennial favourites of children’s areas of interest. When playing as knights, the little adventurers can give free rein to their imagination and transform, in their imagination, into historical knight figures: whether Lancelot, King Arthur with the Sword Excalibur, Parsifal or even a knightly own creation – as we know, imagination has no limits when it comes to playing. Many famous knights have written history, for example Richard the Lion Heart or Edward the Black Prince. Closely linked to knights is the world of castles, jousts and crusades. Playing as knights can also serve as an introduction to historical worlds and arouses children’s interest in historical topics. With the wooden sword and shield with engraving, an exciting adventure for little ones begins in the Middle Ages, an adventure in which you can accompany them!

    Strong and individual

    In order to go to battle, you need knight’s equipment, which will protect you against enemies. With one hand, the child holds the shield and with the other the sword – all necessary paraphernalia in order to be dressed as a knight. Of course, you can complement your costume with a coat of mail made of grey fabric and a helmet made of cardboard. Of course, children receiving the gift have many ideas, such as how their costume can be supplemented.

    The most important thing: the knight must be recognised in battle. For this, their sword and, above all, shield need a coat of arms. We engrave the shield with a lion motif, the heraldic symbol, which was most often chosen as a heraldic animal in the Middle Ages. Under the lion motif is a banderole, on which we engrave the text of your choice: the name of the little knight, their mantra or a good wish. The sword is also personalised: here you can specify the name of the brave hero or heroine, the person to be given the gift. Of course, you can also give the sword a name like their famous ancestors, for example Excalibur or even a name invented by the child.

    The original knight’s outfit for any occasion

    How about organising a knightly accolade when handing over the gift? So that the future knight takes their role seriously, it is recommended to use the same gestures as in the Middle Ages. The donzel or squire would only then become a true knight if he was knighted on the shoulder by his master at a ceremony. Now it’s your turn to play your knight! The child will feel honoured. Remind the child, when handing over the gift, of the most important rules of knighthood: loyalty, wisdom, courtesy, justice and humility – timeless values, which are universal even nowadays and offer guidance.

    Make the children happy

    Due to its size, this gift is particularly suitable for children from the age of five. With the engraving of your choice on the sword and shield, you are handing over a highly personal gift. It is hugely important for children to have their own things. The name engraving distinctly gives prominence to the owner in a particularly beautiful way. With this gift, you are reaping enthusiasm and giving the gift of real exuberance, which will last for a long time. A gift, which can be stored safely away when it has been grown out of.

    Details: wooden shield with coat of arms engraving and back strap holder. Measurements of the shield: 14.2 x 11 inches (36 cm x 28 cm). Wooden sword with name engraving. Measurements of the sword: 23.4 x 1.6 inches (59.5 cm x 4 cm). Length of the cross-guard: 4.7 inches (12 cm).

    Price includes personalisation

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