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Gifts for the 40th Anniversary

Personalised gift ideas for a 40 year old birthday

Got an invitation to a 40th birthday celebration and still don't know what to give as a present? We have plenty of creative and unique gift ideas for people born in 1978.

  • How about a historic newspaper exactly from the date of birth in 1978 as a birthday gift? Present the birthday host with an original newspaper from his or her birthday and invite them on a trip down memory lane back to the date of birth in 1978. Let them enjoy a wonderfully nostalgic journey back to beloved childhood memories. 
  • Simply enter the desired date in the respective fields and choose your from more than 5 million original newspapers - no copies, no reprints, you'll receive the historic original as an authentic piece of living history. Choose from national and international newspaper titles for your 40th birthday celebration party.


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  1. Vintage wines
    Vintage wines
    €35.95 *
  2. Vintage Spirits
    Vintage Spirits
    From €149.00 *
    (€212.86 * / 1 l)
  3. Vintage Cognac
    Vintage Cognac
    From €149.00 *
    (€212.86 * / 1 l)
  4. Vintage Whisky
    Vintage Whisky
    €39.90 *
    (€159.60 * / 1 l)
  5. Vintage Armagnac
    Vintage Armagnac
    From €75.00 *
    (€150.00 * / 1 l)
  6. Vintage Coins
    Vintage Coins
    €14.90 *
  7. Times
    €35.95 *
  8. Le Monde
    Le Monde
    €35.95 *
  9. Corriere della Sera
    Corriere della Sera
    €35.95 *
  10. Vintage cognac
    Vintage cognac
    From €149.00 *
    (€212.86 * / 1 l)
  11. Diário de Notícias
    Diário de Notícias
    €35.95 *
  12. La Stampa
    La Stampa
    €35.95 *
  13. New York Times
    New York Times
    €35.95 *
  14. The Guardian
    The Guardian
    €35.95 *
  15. Il Giornale d\'Italia
    Il Giornale d'Italia
    €35.95 *
  16. Süddeutsche Zeitung
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
    €35.95 *
  17. Berliner Börsen Zeitung
    Berliner Börsen Zeitung
    €35.95 *
  18. Armagnac of the year
    Armagnac of the year
    From €75.00 *
    (€150.00 * / 1 l)

The original present: A historic birthday newspaper for a successful birthday celebration

The historic birthday newspaper will be the star present among the pile of gifts for the 40th birthday. The historic birthday newspaper is not only a very personal gift, it also grasps the importance of the age of 40 years. An authentic piece of history, authentic and just as precious as the person you are giving it to.
At HISTORIA, you will always receive the complete historic original for the 40th birthday. We only offer originals, no copies or reprints. The birthday newspaper comes in a beautiful burgundy gift folder, sophisticated and exclusive. Every historic birthday newspaper comes with a certificate of authenticity that highlights the authentic character of your present for the 40th birthday.
Add your individual touch and create perfect personalized birthday gift for the 40h birthday: According to your order, we personalize the gift folder with your individual engraving, be it the the name of the birthday child or a personal message. You'll be rewarded with a happy smile for this individual and thoughtful gift.
In addition to the historic birthday newspaper from 1978, you will find a wide selection of hand-selected unique and personal gift ideas. Personalization service is available for nearly all presents we offer in our shop. Surprise your bithday child on his or her special day. Give a unique and memorable present that makes their day extra special. Be inspired by our great selection of gift ideas fpr the 40th birthday.

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