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Vintage Gifts

  1. Vintage Spirits
    Vintage Spirits
    From €39.90 *
  2. Vintage Cognac
    Vintage Cognac
    From €149.00 *
    (€212.86 * / 1 l)
  3. Vintage Whisky
    Vintage Whisky
    From €39.90 *
  4. Vintage Armagnac
    Vintage Armagnac
    From €75.00 *
    (€150.00 * / 1 l)
  5. Vintage Coins
    Vintage Coins
    From €14.90 *
  6. Persönliche Tageschronik - Ihr Tag im Jahrhundert
    Personal daily chronicle
    From €3.90 *
  7. DDR-Jahrgangsbücher 1935-1989
    Chronicle of the Year - GDR
    From €14.90 *
  8. Notizbuch mit Original Pfennig-Münze vom Jahrgang
    Pocket notebook with coin of the year
    From €14.90 *
  9. Calatayud Castillo de Maluenda Viñas Viejas
    Calatayud Castillo de Maluenda Viñas Viejas
    From €20.00 *
    (€26.67 * / 1 l)
  10. Cariñena Senda Lasarda Crianza
    Cariñena Senda Lasarda Crianza
    From €20.00 *
    (€26.67 * / 1 l)
  11. Cariñena Señorio de la Obra Reserva
    Cariñena Señorio de la Obra Reserva
    From €13.00 *
    (€17.33 * / 1 l)
  12. Port wine set
    Port wine set
    €21.00 *
    (€70.00 * / 1 l)
  13. 5-FRF coin
    5-FRF coin 1960-1975
    From €21.00 *
  14. 1 CHF gold plated coin
    1 CHF gold plated coin 1937-2013
    From €21.00 *
  15. Bechtheimer Pilgerpfad Kerner
    Bechtheimer Pilgerpfad Kerner
    From €21.00 *
    (€28.00 * / 1 l)

For Which Occasions Are Vintage Gifts Particularly Suitable?

"A gift is worth as much as the love with which it has been chosen," wrote the author Thyde Monniers. With a well-chosen gift, you show how well you know someone and what relationship you have with the recipient. A vintage gift is an excellent choice for many occasions. Because a gift from the year of the event establishes a connection to the important day in the life of the celebrants. A vintage gift shows that you are interested in the life and milestones of the celebrants. What occasions are suitable for giving a vintage gift? Here are a few examples:

  • Birthdays , especially milestone birthdays that are celebrated with particular fanfare. A fine bottle of wine from the year or an old newspaper exactly from the birthday are vintage gifts that are as old as the celebrant themselves. You will be amazed at how enthusiastically the celebrants receive your gift from the year and present it to the entire party.
  • Wedding anniversary – whether for a silver or golden wedding anniversary  - a vintage gift from the time the couple got married is certainly very special. What could be nicer than being catapulted back to the time when butterflies fluttered in the stomach and life was perhaps viewed through rose-colored glasses? Gift wonderful memories of the past with a vintage gift.
  • Company founding day – what a great moment in life! And the anniversary of this day should be celebrated in a big way. Write a speech and underscore the personal event with the happenings that occurred in the world. A vintage gift creates a wonderful reference to the important anniversary.
  • Anniversary or jubilee – surprise on the special occasion with a date-related vintage gift. Solemnly tie your gift idea to the day whose anniversary is now being celebrated.

Which Vintage Gifts Are Particularly Well Received?

  • Historical Newspaper – an original from the newspaper archive, published exactly on the anniversary day. With this authentic vintage gift, you score points at every celebration!
  • Vintage Wine delights every wine lover in particular. The grape from the anniversary year – decades stored in wine cellars. This wine can tell stories and is therefore a very special vintage gift.
  • Vintage Book Chronicle  is just the right vintage gift for bookworms. In words and pictures, the chronicle reports on the events of the year and provides a deep insight into long-gone times.
  • Vintage Music CD is just right for music lovers! Listen to the sounds of music from past times and feel the spirit of blissful nostalgia.
  • Vintage Coins – original means of payment from the past. It's hard to believe how the world has changed! Vintage coins are a wonderful witness to time and enable a fantastic journey of remembrance into the past. Beautifully presented in a case with personalization, this vintage gift becomes a hit at every celebration!

The Ease of Gifting

It's not always easy to find the right gift. "One is mistaken if one believes that giving is an easy matter. It has quite a few difficulties if one wants to give with consideration and not just randomly and whimsically," stated the Roman poet, politician, and philosopher Seneca. Therefore, when giving, place special value on the personal connection to the life of the celebrants. Inquire among family and friends about the preferences and hobbies of the celebrants. Find out the most important milestones that have significantly changed the life of the celebrant and refer to this special day with a vintage gift.

With Personalization, a Vintage Gift Becomes Extra Special

Have you made your decision? Have you found the perfect vintage gift for the upcoming celebration? With us, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile with your vintage gift. Through your personal dedication, your gift from the year becomes an individual unique piece that will create unique and touching moments. The name, the date, or your very personal dedication – everything is possible! Present a vintage gift and delight the celebrant in a very special way.

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