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Old newspaper as a gift

Have you been invited to a birthday party or an anniversary? Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for any kind of occasion? It must be a unique gift that you can't find in any ordinary store.  Our newspaper archiv contains a huge variety of old newspapers and magazines dating all the way from 1900 - 2015. Search for a date of your choice and discover old newspapers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Italy and Poland. The cherry on top of the cake will be the personalised engraving on the stylish folder included. Your gift will be one of a kind and something special that the recipient will never forget!

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A suitable gift for any occasion: Old newspapers

Finding an exceptional gift is not always an easy task. After all, it should not be just any gift! The surprise ought to be personal and original, a gift that you don't get from just anyone. An old newspaper is the perfect gift for many occasions. After all, everyone likes to reminisce about the good old days. Especially if you associate the specific date with something very special.

Old newspaper as...

A birthday gift : Your mother is celebrating her birthday? Perfect! Surely you can't go wrong with her favorite flowers and a box of chocolates. But how about giving your mom a historical newspaper as a gift this year? It doesn't have to be an extraordinary year like 1945 to give a birthday newspaper as a gift! Often, you yourself have no idea how many interesting things actually happened on your own birthday. We are sure that the birthday child will accept your gift with wide-eyed wonder!

Old newspaper as...

A wedding anniversary gift : Your grandparents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary? With such a big celebration just around the corner the gift should, of course, be just as special as the occasion. What could be more personal and unusual than a 50-year-old newspaper from the day of their wedding? With it, you are sure to awaken many fond memories in the celebrating couple. Old newspapers are a gift that jubilant couples will enjoy looking at and leafing through together even after the big celebration.

Old newspaper as...

Anniversary gift Your club is celebrating its 100th anniversary? That's quite a long time! For such an anniversary, a gift should be given that is just as rich in history. Why don't you consult with the other members? For the big celebration, present the board of directors with an old newspaper that has been around for as many years as your club! Old newspapers look great framed on the wall in a club room and will serve as a reminder of the special milestone.


You've been invited to a celebration of acquaintances, neighbors or work colleagues and are looking for the right gift? This can be a difficult matter, perhaps you do not know the celebrant / birthday child well enough to hit the mark with a favorite wine or the right book. With a historical newspaper from the date of their birthday / anniversary and a personalization on the gift folder, old newspapers become a unique and outstanding gift. We're sure you'll score a hit with the host!

A unique gift with history

With an original newspaper, you're not just giving away an "old newspaper"! You are handing the birthday boy or girl, the celebrating couple, mom, dad or acquaintance a document that tells a piece of history. Bring back their memories: what else happened on that special day, both globally and regionally? What did newspapers look like back then? Imagine holding an old newspaper from 1950 in your hands. Not only the typeface, but also the photographs, the language and the texture have changed enormously since then. Which people were the talk of the town back then, which celebrities were celebrated at the time? In choosing this exceptional gift, you give away a piece of history that may have long been forgotten!

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