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Wedding Newspaper

Wedding Newspaper

Wedding newspaper

What is a wedding newspaper? A wedding newspaper is a newspaper made by friends and family of the bridal couple, which includes old pictures of the couple as a nice memory. Why not try a different kind of wedding newspaper? Surprise the bridal couple with a historic wedding newspaper, from the days of their respective birthdays. Another unique gift: the date of where the bridal couple first met or when they had their first date. HISTORIA is the place to find all your historic newspapers and we send them in a noble personalised briefcase. Amaze your bridal couple with a special individualized wedding newspaper, which they will never forget.

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The newspaper archive of HISTORIA contains a huge stock of over 5 million historical newspapers and magazines. Using the date-searching feature on our website, you can quickly and easily find a large selection of regional, national, German and European press products from any desired date. But which wedding newspaper is the right one for the bridal couple?

  • Which newspapers or magazines do they like to read today? Browse through our archives - there is a good chance that you will find exactly this newspaper as a historical original at HISTORIA.
  • Be cheeky with role clichés: give the bride a fashion magazine, the groom a sports or car magazine.
  • Where does the couple plan to spend their honeymoon? Gift them a wedding newspaper from the respective country - at HISTORIA you will find newspapers from France, Italy, Spain and many other European countries as well as from the USA and Russia.

Presenting the wedding newspaper

A historic, original wedding newspaper is a truly unique gift ! Do it justice by presenting it in style. Think of a good moment to present the wedding newspaper and give it to the bride and groom in a special way. Bring a smile and a chuckle to the faces of the host and the guests.

  • Give a short speech in which you tell a funny or touching story, express your congratulations to the bride and groom and finally hand over the wedding newspaper. With your lighthearted speech, the wedding newspaper can become an entertaining gift!
  • Pick out particularly exciting or curious articles from the wedding newspaper in advance. Perhaps you can make a funny reference to the bride and groom and even involve the whole wedding party.
  • Make a game out of it: the wedding couple must first solve various riddles related to the newspaper and then receives the gift. Think of appropriate questions that allude to the time when the wedding newspaper was published: What political events dominated the headlines? What sporting events were being written about? What books were on the bestseller list and what music made it to the hit parade?

Present the wedding newspaper in a special way and your performance as well as this personalized gift will be the topic of conversation and will be remembered for a long time! Surprise the bride and groom and guests with a historic original wedding newspaper! Choose the perfect newspaper for the gift recipient. Ready to be gifted in a folder and marked with your individual engraving for the happy couple, this gift is especially personal and truly unique. Don’t just hand over the wedding newspaper, but make a small event out of it. That way, your gift will truly be the highlight gift at this wedding.

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