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Anniversary Newspaper

Anniversary Newspaper

Anniversary newspaper

You’re all too familiar with the dilemma that arises each year: you've been invited to a milestone party and are looking for the perfect gift. Your grandmother , mother, father, or uncle is celebrating and you’d like to give them a special and individual gift. Wouldn't an anniversary newspaper be a good idea? What could be more personal than a historic newspaper from the date of the anniversary? In our newspaper archiv you can find a huge variety of historic newspapers and magazines. HISTORIA has issues from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France... browse through our online archive and discover a vast host of regional and national historic newspapers and magazines.

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Exceptional anniversary gift

When a particularly special jubilee is coming up, you will, naturally, want to come up with a special gift! Are you still searching and thinking about which gift would be the most fitting? Whether to pick a bought or a homemade gift? Should it be something unusual, but at the same time personal?

Considering the occasion, it must stand out and emphasize the special nature of this anniversary. If this is the case, a vintage newspaper could be just the thing for you! Select your date of choice and browse our wide selection of anniversary newspapers and magazines from around the world. No matter what the occasion of this celebration, whether it be a golden wedding anniversary , a golden birthday, your own anniversary with your partner, or the mark of a special date in history: everyone likes to reminisce about a special day! An anniversary newspaper is a contemporary witness, a historical document that provides information about that time. What did the newspapers and magazines look like? Which people were the talk of the town? What was going on worldwide, but also in your own region? An anniversary newspaper answers many of these questions. It's all in the packaging - we send each of our anniversary newspapers in a classy folder and with a certificate of authenticity. Or perhaps you'd prefer to present a homemade gift? Self-designed gifts have an even more personal character.

  • How about a self-made chronicle? Cut out important events from old newspapers and magazines, or compile a collection of small articles from the Internet and put them all together in a beautiful book. You can add handwritten comments or small mementos to the events. Such a gift is especially individual and cannot be found just anywhere! An exceptional gift to be remembered!
  • Perhaps your host is not an avid reader and a vintage newspaper is not a suitable gift. Should that be the case, a self-designed photo album is an excellent alternative! Search through your old photo boxes, albums or your computer for both old and new snapshots, or ask relatives and acquaintances for photographs. This way, a large selection of pictures will come together and you can compile a personal photo chronicle from the most beautiful and amusing shots. A few nice, handwritten words or small comments on the photos make the photo album a unique and personal anniversary gift!
  • Apart from anniversary newspapers, self-made gifts or photo albums, a guest book can also be a nice memory of the occasion. Laid out on the day of the celebration, all guests have the opportunity to address a few kind words, congratulations and greetings to the host. Thus, even years after the big celebration, the celebrant still holds a beautiful memory in his hands. The guest book ought to be appropriate to the occasion, a silver cover for a silver or a gold one for silver and golden weddings respectively.

Anniversary newspapers: rekindling history

An anniversary newspaper has a story to tell and answers many questions for the host or hosts. What happened on our wedding day? What events took place on the day I was born? An anniversary newspaper tells stories that have probably long been forgotten by many! Which politicians were at the top at that time, which socio-political issues were under discussion? What events were moving the world? Which celebrities were celebrated? It doesn't have to be a significant date or a special year like 1945 to make the yearbook an interesting gift! Flowers wither and objects soon gather dust in the closet: a vintage newspaper can still be leafed through and read months and years after the big celebration; certainly a gift to be remembered.

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