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Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Archive

Gifts from the newspaper archive

Are you looking for a historic newspaper as a gift ? You would like to get an extraordinary gift for a birthday , an anniversary or any other occasion. You will find that one gift in our newspaper archive. HISTORIA has a huge variety of newspapers and magazines dating all the way from 1900 - 2015. Look through Europe's biggest newspaper archive in our online shop and find the historic newspaper or magazine perfect for your occasion.

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The newspaper archive: Home of historical witnesses

Over decades we have collected historical newspapers  and magazines from archives, museums and collections for you in our newspaper archive. This has resulted in an archive that now contains over 5 million original newspapers! International newspapers and magazines have also found a home with us. You're looking for a newspaper / magazine from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Spain, Italy, France or Poland? You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our newspaper archive!

No matter how "aged" your historical newspaper may be: It should still make a good impression when you give it as a gift, even after a century! In order to preserve the newspapers as well as possible, we store them in our newspaper archive under very special conditions. Protected from light, heat and humidity, the quality of your newspaper is preserved. To guarantee the authenticity of your newspaper, we include a certificate of authenticity with every folder containing daily newspapers and magazine.

At HISTORIA, your selected newspaper gift can be turned into a very special surprise! Send us your personal message and we will engrave it on your gift from the newspaper archive using the latest laser technology. Whether it be a greeting, congratulations or simply the anniversary year: There are no limits to your creativity! Your message will turn your gift into a very individual surprise - something that can't be bought at your local store around the corner.

Gifts from the newspaper archive: Perfect for any occasion

With an old newspaper or magazine from our archive, you will give every host great pleasure. Whether it be for an anniversary, a farewell, a wedding anniversary or a birthday - you'll find the right gift for every celebration!

    • For a birthday: You are searching for a special and personal birthday gift? Then you are on the right track with a birthday newspaper. The historical witness of the day of the birth will bring back memories for the birthday boy or girl. What happened on the day of my birthday? What did the newspaper look like back then? What was going on in my region? With an original newspaper from the newspaper archive, none of these questions will remain unanswered!
    • For a farewell party : Your boss or good work colleague is leaving the company? A friend or a good acquaintance is moving to another city? This calls for a gift that will not be forgotten so quickly! As a farewell gift, present a Chronicle from the year in which you colleague joined the company, or the year you and your friend met! With a memento of that special time, you're sure to be remembered long after parting.
    • For a wedding anniversary : you’ve been invited to a special wedding anniversary, to a silver or golden Wedding? Then surprise the celebrating couple with an original newspaper from the date of their wedding day! Reminisce together about this special day - what gift could be better? Even after the big celebration, they can still enjoy this special surprise and browse through the newspaper together!
    • For Mother's Day / Father's Day : you want to surprise your mother or father with a very special gift to remember? You especially know which magazine your parent likes to read the most. Why not give your parents their favorite magazine from the first "official" Mother's/Father's Day! Magazines are especially authentic due to the many pictures and advertisements. How were people dressed back then, what was "in"? What products were trendy back then? What cars did people drive back then and what did they look like? With such a personal gift, this Mother's/Father's Day will certainly not be forgotten so quickly!

Whether you choose a newspaper or magazine from the newspaper archive, a chronicle or something homemade: If the gift is chosen with love and comes from the heart, you'll always score a hit with the birthday boy or girl, the celebrating couple or your parents! Have fun with your gift-giving.

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