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Gourmet Gifts

  1. Vintage wines
    Vintage wines
    From €20.00 *
    (€26.67 * / 1 l)
  2. Sweetheart - Praline Heart
    Sweetheart - Praline Heart
    €21.00 *
    (€65.62 * / 1 kg)
  3. Heart with premium chocolates
    Heart with premium chocolates
    €34.90 *
    (€72.71 * / 1 kg)
  4. Chocolate Treasure Chest
    Chocolate Treasure Chest
    €34.90 *
    (€72.71 * / 1 kg)
  5. Schokoladen Geburtstagskiste
    Chocolate birthday gift box
    From €39.00 *
    (€37.50 * / 1 kg)
  6. Magnum Schokoladentruhe
    Magnum Chest of chocolate
    €89.90 *
    (€46.82 * / 1 kg)

Why Gift Gourmet Delights?

A culinary gift sparks joy twice: When handed over and when consumed eventually. To make both occasions a true highlight for you and the receiver of the gift, we select our gourmet gifts with these guidelines in mind:

  • Quality & Selection: Each gourmet gift set is meticulously chosen and assembled by us. We perfect it with your unique personal message.
  • Variety & Flavor: No matter the category, we always offer a selection of varieties to assure that you give just the right one.
  • Elegantly Packaged: The packaging of our gourmet gifts is a highlight in itself – stylish, sophisticated, customizable, and ready for gifting.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Be it a birthday, anniversary, or just because – our delicacies always make a beautiful gift.

Be convinced and discover our gourmet assortment now! Your loved ones deserve only the best.

The Ultimate Gourmet Gift for Birthdays

When it comes to delivering an unforgettable birthday , a Gourmet Gift tops the list. But what makes it so special? Gourmet symbolizes quality, exclusivity, and a variety of flavors. Gifting gourmet says you value the finer things and want to offer the best to the recipient. It says, "I appreciate you and want to give you something special." It’s not just the contents that count, but the gesture itself.

Uniqueness through Personalized Packaging

The personalized packaging of our delicacy gifts adds that extra touch, showing that you've put real thought into it. Whether with a special message or a name, the gift becomes a true one-of-a-kind.

Rapid Delivery

Is the birthday fast approaching? No worries! Our promise: Your chosen Gourmet Gift will reach its destination extra fast. Special occasions deserve special attention – down to the last detail.

Gifts for Every Taste

While birthdays are a classic, there are countless occasions for a Gourmet Gift. Anniversaries , holidays, or simply as a thank you  – with gourmet, you're always right. Our range has the perfect Gourmet Gift for every taste. Get inspired and find exactly what best suits the recipient.

With our Gourmet Gifts, you'll hit the mark every time! Quality from renowned manufacturers, taste, and uniqueness combine into a package that delights. Dive into the world of gourmet and gift culinary moments that linger in memory.

* including VAT and excluding   shipment costs

1Valid for delivery to Germany with standard shipping. Express shipment will be delivered in 1 working day(s) to Germany. You will find delivery times for other countries and information about delivery times here