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Newspaper Gifts

Newspaper Gifts

Newspaper as a gift idea

You’ve been invited to a celebration and you are looking for something special? A big birthday or an anniversary is around the corner and you still do not have a gift? An old newspapaer is the unique gift you are looking for! In our online shop, you can find newspapers for every date from the last 100 years. Amaze everyone with a historic artifact as your extraordinary gift. As a memory of the past your gift will be the highlight of the party. With your ownengraving your personalised newspaper might just be the perfect gift for the occasion.

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5 million original gift newspapers

In our store you'll find a huge selection of gift newspapers. Over the decades, more than 5 million original newspapers have been collected, sorted and archived here. These historical treasures are stored in large warehouses and processed by capable employees who, despite this abundance, never lose track of what is available. The stock of gift newspapers is constantly being expanded. HISTORIA founder Dr. Joseph Nietfeld is in contact with numerous archives and private collectors. As soon as an archive or collector wishes to reduce or liquidate their newspaper holdings, they contact the Freiburg-based family business. The HISTORIA team then organizes the handover, transport and recording of the newly arrived newspapers so that they are available in the store as quickly as possible.

The perfect gift newspaper for your loved ones

Use the date search to find the right gift newspaper for the recipient. Choose between small regional newspapers from all over Germany as well as the major national dailies such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt or Bild. You will also find the most important European papers from the respective countries in our store: Neue Zürcher Zeitung from Switzerland, Le Monde from France, Kronen-Zeitung from Austria, The Times from England, Corriere della Sera from Italy and many more. You will receive only original gift newspapers with a certificate of authenticity, no copies and no reprints. In fact, there is only one piece of most of the newspapers in the HISTORIA stock, so you really are giving away a precious rarity!

With a gift newspaper, the recipient dives into his or her past: What did newspapers look like back then? How extensive were they, on what kind of paper were they printed? Were there pictures in the newspaper at all and which font was used? What political and economic events dominated the headlines? What cultural and sporting events kept people busy? The HISTORIA newspaper archive also contains numerous historical magazines . With their particular reporting style and interesting illustrations, these allow a special look at the lifestyle, fashions and interests of the people of that time. But which is the perfect gift newspaper for your celebrant?

  • Where was the recipient born? Choose a regional gift newspaper from the person's hometown.
  • What press product does the recipient read these days? Present him/her with a historical copy of his/her favorite newspaper.
  • What are the interests of the presenter? At HISTORIA you will find a large selection of fashion, sports, political magazines and much more, so that you may choose the perfect gift newspaper to match the interests of whoever is receiving your thoughtful gift.

In this way, you provide the recipient with a unique glimpse into the past. Each newspaper and magazine comes in a fine gift folder that can be individually personalized. Have birth or anniversary dates and the name of the honoree engraved. This makes the gift newspaper a particularly personal gift set. With such a rarity you present a unique personalized gift that is no longer available anywhere and is guaranteed to outshine everything else!

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