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Birthday Newspaper

Birthday Newspaper

Birthday newspaper

You have been invited to a birthday party? The same question every time, what present to choose? The gift should be unique, personal and something out of the ordinary. No worries, we have the perfect gift idea : a birthday newspaper. A newspaper from the date of the recipient's birth is the perfect surprise that will bring them back to their childhood. What happened in that year? What was going on in our culture or economy? Your own personalised engraving on the briefcase will make the gift a one of a kind that they will never forget.

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Birthday newspaper – awakening childhood memories

A birthday newspaper is a delight for the birthday boy or girl and the guests alike. As soon as you hand over the birthday newspaper you'll have the attention of both the celebrant and the guests on your side, as the guests are usually born in the same time period and will also be curious about what’s in this special antic. This in itself makes your gift - a newspaper from the day of the celebrant's birth - the center of the celebration. Leafing through the original copy of a birthday newspaper, the birthday party feels transported back in time. Memories are awakened, discussions are stimulated. With the birthday newspaper, a celebration becomes an exciting round of reminiscence and conversation. Even though the past may not always have been pleasant, memories of our childhood are usually associated with pleasant and carefree feelings. Through this historical document - the birthday newspaper - the recipient can relate to how the world has changed. Where did people buy their clothes back then, what were their vacation destinations, what wishes and dreams did society have on the day the birthday boy or girl was born?

Mirror of history

Choose from over 5 million birthday newspapers available in our newspaper archive to find the perfect newspaper published on the very day your celebrant was born. You will find regional press organs from Germany, as well as international birthday newspapers from Europe, such as Switzerland, France, Austria or Spain. In addition, Russian and Turkish newspapers have a place in our extensive archive. Anyone interested in history can also view and compare different representations of reality in the newspapers from the former GDR, the Federal Republic of Germany, and neutral Switzerland. The newspapers also reflect the economic situation of each country. That is why they are often not as comprehensive as we know them today. In the 1920s, marked by crises, inflation, unemployment, as well as during the Second World War and the post-war period, newspapers were often very thin, sometimes only one-sided. All this adds to the charm of this wonderful gift. The original from these times are rare and therefore very precious. You see, with this birthday newspaper you’re giving a lasting personalized gift that captures the events of world history in its form and content at the special moment the person you’re celebrating was born.

Each newspaper can tell its own story

Every daily newspaper has experienced something different and can tell its own story. The oldest daily newspaper in Germany that still exists today is the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung. The first edition was published as early as 1705 and is still sold today with a circulation of around 40,000 copies. It is equally exciting to see how birthday newspapers have survived the world wars. Some historic dailies are still published today, while others ceased to appear after the end of Nazi rule. How did birthday newspapers experience such historical milestones? What impact did such historical moments have on daily newspapers? Browse our extensive archive to find the birthday newspaper for your desired date. Trace not only the historical events of that time, but also how the newspapers dealt with these events. With the original birthday newspaper, you are not only presenting a historical rarity, but also an authentic contemporary testimony from the year of birth.

Original birthday newspapers - the perfect set as a gift idea

It's hard to believe, but all the newspapers in our archive are genuine originals. For years, these newspapers were stored in old archives and attics until they found their way into our newspaper archive. Slightly yellowed pages, archive stamps, small traces of use are an unaltered testimony of authenticity of our birthday newspapers. The newspapers are just as old as the birthday boy or girl! They carry a true piece of history, just like the birthday child themselves.
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The search process is very simple:

  • Enter your desired date
  • Select the birthday newspaper
  • Personalize your gift with the name of the celebrant

The personalized newspaper from the date of birth will be delivered to you in a stylish gift folder with a certificate of authenticity. The finished gift set, ready to be given away. Present the celebrant with his birthday newspaper in a festive way. Choose a special moment during the celebration. It is best to give a short speech to the birthday child and draw attention to the special birthday gift.

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