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Vintage Chronicles

Vintage Chronicles
  1. DDR-Jahrgangsbücher 1935-1989
    Chronicle of the Year - GDR
    €14.90 *
  2. 5 DM-Silbermünze
    5 DM silver coins
    €31.00 *
  3. Das Jubiläums-Set - Musik-CD & Buch
    Anniversary Set - CD & book
    From €36.00 *
  4. Persönliche Tageschronik - Ihr Tag im Jahrhundert
    Personal daily chronicle
    €3.90 *
  5. Schokoladen Geburtstagskiste
    Chocolate birthday gift box
    €39.00 *
    (€37.50 * / 1 kg)
  6. Chocohits
    €39.90 *
    (€47.50 * / 1 kg)

Selecting the Perfect Annual Chronicle

  • Daily Chronicles

Our daily chronicles offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. They are filled with exciting events and stories that occurred on the exact day your loved one was born. It's an amazing gift idea that wonderfully complements your main present.

  • Detailed Year DVD Chronicles

Experience the year of your choice in motion and sound with our DVD chronicles. They are the ideal gift for all movie fans who enjoy bringing their memories to life with original film material from the past.

Music is a journey through life and takes you back instantly. Our year music CDs feature the top hits from your chosen year, creating a musical gift that awakens memories in the most fun way.

Why Annual Chronicles Make the Perfect Gift:

  • Personal and Individual: Each chronicle is tailored to a specific year, reflecting the era and events of the celebrant's birth.
  • Time Travel to the Past: Relive history with our commemorative chronicles.
  • High Quality: We pride ourselves on first-class products that bring enduring joy. From their presentation to content, our annual chronicles are of premium quality, making gifting even more delightful.
  • Versatile for Any Occasion: Be it a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, our annual chronicles are the ideal gift for any event.

The Ultimate Chronicle – An Original Newspaper

There's nothing quite like an authentic old newspaper  from your desired date to represent the significant events of that time. Published precisely on the day of birth, it offers a genuine sensory experience. The rustle of the aged paper, the distinctive smell of old ink - all these evoke a unique sense of authenticity and nostalgia. This special chronicle is an exceptional gift idea, providing an exciting window into the past.

Personalize with Your Message

With us, you have the option to personalize select annual chronicles and make your gift even more special. Give more than just a journey through time – give personal words and memories that will last forever. Our customizable annual chronicles turn your gift  into something truly unique. A heartfelt gift to spark memories and be remembered.

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