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Dutch guilder gold-plated coin 1954-1999

  • Give the gift of pure nostalgia! Original gold-plated 1 guilder coin
  • An original from the year of the birth, a personal and authentic present
  • Available for the years 1954-1999 - the exact year of birth!
  • Presented elegantly in a beautiful frame.
  • Personalization available upon request.
  • A thoughtful and personal gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions

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    €22.00 *

    Dutch guilder gold-plated coin 1954-1999

    €22.00 *

    Gilt Dutch 1 Guilder Coin: A Piece of Living History

    Discover the enchanting allure of our gold-plated Dutch 1 guilder coin—a remarkable piece that transcends mere gifting. It stands as a living testament to Dutch history, an invaluable keepsake that shares a profound connection with the recipient's own life journey.

    Your Year, Your Coin

    We proudly offer gold-plated 1 guilder coins spanning from 1954 to 1999, covering nearly every birth year. Quickly check if your desired year is available and seize the opportunity to acquire this distinctive slice of Dutch heritage as a heartfelt gift for someone dear.

    A Treasure That Appreciates Over Time

    This Dutch 1 guilder coin possesses a unique quality—it appreciates in value as the years pass. Not only does it make for an exceptional birthday, anniversary, wedding, or communion gift, but it also serves as a wise investment that grows in worth annually, ensuring it will never fade into obscurity. A true gem for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, as it signifies an authentic coin from the recipient's birth year.

    Elegance Encased in a Floating Frame

    Our gold-plated 1 guilder coin takes center stage within a sleek matte black gift frame, creating an illusion of graceful suspension. This frame earned the prestigious Gift Award in 2009. With its magnetic clasp, the coin can be effortlessly removed for closer inspection. The tasteful design renders the Old Dutch 1 guilder coin a captivating centerpiece, making it a resounding success in both substance and style.

    Delving into History

    Until 1979, the coin proudly displayed the Dutch coat of arms alongside a portrait of Queen Juliana. In 1980, a double portrait of Juliana and Beatrix graced the coin, marking Beatrix's ascension to the throne as Queen. By 1982, the coat of arms vanished, making way for the radiant image of Queen Beatrix.

    Tailored Personalization

    Enhance the personal touch of your gift with our cutting-edge laser engraving technology. We can etch your personal motto or the recipient's name onto the gift box, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that amplifies the sentiment behind your gesture.

    Product Details:

    • Authentic vintage 1 guilder coin from the year of your choice 1954-1999, meticulously gold-plated
    • Encased in a matte black silicone membrane frame with magnetic opening
    • Personalization available upon request




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