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Rum Reserva Collection with engraving

Rum is all the rage! Give the gift of a fine selection of different Malecon rum varieties. Produced in Panama following old Cuban traditions, the selection guarantees a wonderful glimpse into the delightful world of different types of rum. Let these different rum varieties, each aged for different lengths of time, take you on a journey that will please the palate. Rum aged for 12, 15, 18, 21, and 25 years – a one-of-a-kind collection to thrill aficionados and amateurs alike. The Rum Reserva Collection is beautifully displayed in a rustic wooden case. The fine bottles are elegantly cushioned in wood shavings. And to make your gift more exclusive, we will engrave it for you with a personalised message. Whether you want a name, a personal saying or some other special wish engraved, we can do it all! The personal engraved Rum Reserva Collection – an assortment to delight in.

  • Producer: Bodegas de America S.A., BSC GmbH, Gisela-Müller-Wolff-Str. 7, D-28197 Bremen
  • Alcohol content: 40 % vol.
  • Content: 0.25 l
  • Spirit

35 /35

35 /35

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Long ageing and traditional processes ensure top quality

Let’s turn back time and travel to 1502 Christopher Columbus has just set foot in Panama. This is where the history of rum begins. Columbus introduced sugar cane to the Caribbean; the by-product of sugar manufacturing is molasses.

Even now, molasses is the basic ingredient when distilling rum. In the Malecon distillery, the juice from the hand-harvested sugar cane is processed into high-quality molasses. The next step is the natural fermentation of the molasses with the help of yeasts inherent in the environment. The rum is then distilled in a so-called column sill, a special type of distillation column. This process results in a mild and easy to drink rum. After the distillation process, Malecon Rum is aged for several years in former bourbon barrels. Because of the climate and the ageing process, which can take several years, the rum naturally evaporates. Do make up for this loss, the barrels of a certain year are emptied, different distillates are gradually “married” and refilled into barrels. The rum is then aged several more years in oak barrels, until it has reached its outstanding quality. After the ageing process, the rum is filtered and bottled to 40% by volume.

Taste and smell how rum changes through the ageing process with our engraved Rum Reserva Collection – a high percent taste sensation for unparalleled enjoyment.

From an old standby to a cult classic

Rum has long been a classic in every bar, used to prepare long drinks and cocktails, but it always played a secondary role. Rum is increasingly moving into the spotlight and now, it is even being enjoyed neat. High quality varieties of rum are piquing the public’s interest.

The Malecon Rum Reserva Collection offers you a multifaceted selection of top-notch rums, specially selected to make the perfect gift – a gift that will please everyone wishing to better acquaint themselves with this spirit, but also perfect for connoisseurs, who are guaranteed to enjoy the Rum Reserva Collection. Because this excellent rum is not part of the mainstream and exhibits the full spectrum of enjoyment that rum is able to offer.

Malecon Rum – Prolonged ageing develops its aromatic richness

What makes Malecon Rum special is its full-bodied sweetness, achieved through its ageing processes and without the addition of sugar. The prolonged ageing process produces wafts of vanilla with notes of wood and caramel, resulting in a full, heady taste sensation unmatched by any other rum. This is precisely what the Malecon brand represents: prolonged ageing in oak barrels that contribute to a harmonious symphony of individual notes and complex aromas.

Allow your palate to savour the world of rum. Discover how aromas blossom through the ageing process and observe the fascinating changes these fine spirits undergo over the years. Savour the different ageing processes of Malecon Rum:

  • Añejo 12 y.o. Its round, full-bodied and scented taste marries perfectly with a splash of apple juice. This reserve is a good base to give roundness to the classic cocktails as well, such as Cuba Libre and Mojito.
  • Añejo 15 y.o. Deeply amber-coloured thanks to the golden reflections: a structured rum but easy to drink. Well-appreciated combined with tonic. Perfect for a fruit Caipirissima.
  • Añejo 18 y.o. With a fragrant, aromatic bouquet, light and middle-bodied. Taste it straight or by following a traditional Creole style together with lime slices covered by coffee powder on one side and cane sugar on the other.
  • Añejo 21 y.o. Intense and very persistent, a great example well-balanced aromatic complexity. Excellent if drunk straight, together with candied citrus fruit or diluted with a splash of cranberry juice.
  • Añejo 25 y.o. Sweet, balanced, delicate and very smooth. Excellent with plain chocolate, candied-in-the-white-chocolate winter cherries and big cigars. To be served at 20°C in the cognac balloon glass.

Transform this collection into an extravagant gift by adding a personal touch

Whether as a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a Christmas gift or to mark any other occasion, personalised gifts are the current trend. We provide you with the opportunity to embellish the Rum Reserva Collection with a personalised engraving. Show your esteem and gratitude and send us your personalised message. We will use a laser engraving process to personalise your gift as you wish. The engraved Rum Reserva Collection – a delightful, trendy gift.

Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 12 y.o. 40% vol. 0.05 l
Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 15 y.o. 40% vol. 0.05 l
Malecon Reserva Imperial Rum 18 y.o. 40% vol. 0.05 l
Malecon Reserva Imperial Rum 21 y.o. 40% vol. 0.05 l
Malecon Reserva Imperial Rum 25 y.o. 40% vol. 0.05 l

Presented in a wooden case, personalised on request.

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