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Original ammonite - 350 million years

About 350 million years ago, ammonites populated the oceans of our earth. There were thousands of species of these crustaceans in different sizes of up to two metres. Today, they are all extinct, but the fascinating fossils have remained.

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    Original ammonite - 350 million years

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    Stone snails - Pure fascination

    Over millions of years, this wonder of nature has been evolving: the beautiful fossilised ammonites. After the death of the squid-like ammonites, the soft parts dissolved. The (snail-like) shells initially remained intact and were filled with sand and minerals. This filling then solidified and turned into stone over the course of millions of years, during which the shells dissolved. And today we find these very beautiful fossilised snails in mother-of-pearl, red-blue or also gold-coloured shades almost all over the world, especially in Madagascar.

    Ammonites have a chamber system on the inside, which was connected through a connecting tube (siphon). The ammonite pumped air into individual chambers through this siphon. Just like submarines, the ammonite could today surface and submerge in the sea. The ammonites from Madagascar were opened up using a saw and both sides smoothed and polished. As a result, the inner life of ammonites can be very nicely studied with its chamber system. According to their state of preservation, the chambers are sometimes open or filled completely with different coloured calcite, which gives rise to the very beautiful spiral-shaped patterns.

    In fact, it is a very individual gift. The original ammonite, umpteen million years old, is presented in a matt black so-called suspended frame with transparent silicon membranes. Thanks to the magnetic snap closure, you can pick up the ammonites at any time, feel them and marvel at them. And with the individual personalisation on the frame, the gift becomes even more valuable and unique, truly a real eye-catcher!

    Genuine original ammonite (one-half). Unique, meaning that the suspended frame differs in size from five to nine centimetres.

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