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Original dinosaur tooth

Mosasaurs were a contemporary of dinosaurs; they were giant, about 10-18m long, carnivorous marine reptiles. They were quick underwater hunters with their snakelike bodies. Their huge jaws filled with long sharp teeth inspired fear and respect. Its bite was lethal as the largest predator of the seas moved at a speed of 70 km/h through the water to hunt its prey.

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    Original dinosaur tooth

    €21.00 *

    Approx. 80 million years old

    The unique floating frame presents a finely preserved tooth. This is an authentic original piece, not a replica, from the Mosasaurs making it about 80 million years old.

    A rare find from the Khouribga region in the centre of Morocco.

    This rarity is presented in a patented silicone membrane frame that holds the tooth suspended between two rubber-like membranes. Using the magnetic snap closure, the display frame can be opened as often as you like to take out and admire the original Mosasaur tooth.

    The special HISTORIA service: with the latest laser technology, we provide a highly individual engraving of the desired name/dedication on the floating frame.

    Details: original Mosasaur tooth, one of a kind, so it varies in size from 3-5 cm, in black floating frame 13x13 cm with your desired engraving.

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